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Have you ever wondered what role men play in the modern world? If you still haven’t, well you should. A huge responsibility is now on their shoulders, starting with the career issues, earning money, solving various problems, and ending with taking care of their families and friends. Isn’t that too much? But no one complains. And do you know why? Because men used to be strong, hardy, and nearly almighty these days. They can cope with any task without a shadow of a doubt. At least in society’s stereotypes or art.

Man fix the world

Take any modern film, watch it, and you’ll see how it portrays the average man. Directors and screenwriters give him abilities of some kind of superhero if not a real one like in Marvel movies, then definitely hidden inside by default. You can literally hear them screaming in the main character’s face: “Yes, man, fix the world! You can do it! Who else if not you?” So only men have the nerve to act decisively and make complicated things simple.

A weakness or strength?

You may wonder what am I getting at? Isn’t the choice of sexual orientation one of those things men can do? I mean if they can handle anything in this world showing strength, then why can't they have a little weakness too? Just say it: “Hell, yes, I have a weakness! And I have balls to admit I watch gay porn on a daily basis and, oh God, I like it!” And don’t tell me you don’t. There’s nothing prejudiced in it. After all, once you say it, your little secret isn't a weakness anymore. It becomes your real strength!

Let’s be honest, you definitely watched porno gay at least once in life. And if you somehow didn’t, you must correct this misunderstanding right now! There’s nothing wrong with videos like that. I bet you’ve been thinking about whether you’re gay or not at least once, admit it. You may secretly like men way more than women. And it’s okay! And perhaps some of you even took the gay test to find out the truth. So be proud of your choice and who you are!

A weakness or strength?

There is nothing to be ashamed of! The world has long ago changed, and we all live in a free society where everyone has a choice to be whoever they are. So who better than strong men supposed to speak up loud about their choice and orientation? Just say it: “Yes, I’m gay. I like gay sex and there’s nothing wrong with it. This is my privilege and I don’t impose it on anyone.”  How about that, dear film directors and screenwriters? Your phrase “Yes, man, fix the world” suddenly becomes a game changer with a new deeper meaning.

More to the point

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More to the point

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What’s more and when?

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